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Building Energy Modeling, mathematical modeling service for the LEED

Consulting, mathematical modelling service to support LEED certification and for the most critical indicator of the object - efficiency of transforming consumed resources into a manufactured product or provision of required conditions in the office.

Case Study: Building Energy Modeling (BEM) in action

The practice of Building Energy Modeling (BEM) involves the meticulous input of various data points pertaining to aspects like building layout, construction materials, local climate conditions, occupancy trends, and equipment specifications. The skillful integration of this data into energy models is of paramount importance.

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Data center construction

Industrial Facility, Sweden

Task: 3D Physical architectural modeling,

As-Build model development for digital twin, data automation and energy analysis.

Digital Building Design 

Deep energy metering before automation

Management of Energy: When Climate Protection is Economically Sensible

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Office building.

Energy management

of the engineering systems

Object: a floor of a 7-floor building with a local ventilation system with after-heating of cold air, autonomous air quality control energy accounting

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