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Building Energy Modeling, mathematical modeling
service for the LEED

Object: commercial building, 8 floors, 2022, Sweden

Consulting, mathematical modelling service to support LEED certification and for the most critical indicator of the object - efficiency of transforming consumed resources into a manufactured product or provision of required conditions in the office. Technical report with the justification of deploying digital technologies, BMS systems and hardware (IoT devices, automatic controllers, etc.)

Working on LEED ID-C v4 certification of an existing building office.
Simulation of:
o Energy
o Daylight & View (as opt.1)
o Daylight & View + Energy (opt.2).

1. 3D modeling, BIM-based and Building a basic energy model. Build a geometry for both investigated BIM models and surroundings (or import a preprocessed .ifc). Object: Royal Office, floor A-04, Sweden)
2. Setting the environment: region, daylight, climatology and etc.
3. Calculations according to LEED standards: annual loads, modeling of basic cost, components (light, elevator, ventilation, outdoor lighting, heat recovery, appliances, indoor lighting, heating). Calculation of energy consumption and operating costs. Getting actual data and power consumption model. Analysis and correction of the model based on the data obtained

Technologies: BIM (Revit or Tekla model with .IFC), IDA ICE simulation, BREEAM/LEED standard guides


With a BEM simulation project, our customer can visually, in real-time, understand: Energy consumption, planned resource consumption at the facility and cost reduction opportunities. Effective use of the equipment. Reliable information about the potential to reduce financial costs. Efficiency of compliance with the regime and regulations of work. Localization of overspending of consuming resources. The frequency of equipment breakdowns and emergencies. The ability to certify a construction object according to international standards LEED, BREEAM.

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