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Digital Building Design 1st part of the pilot - deep energy metering before automation

Management of Energy: When Climate Protection is Economically Sensible.
In the ongoing concerns of climate change, reducing CO2 emissions has become crucial. The building industry holds significant influence among the pivotal sectors that contribute to these emissions. However, this also points towards a promising area for implementing effective climate mitigation strategies.


There are two main ways to optimize in this situation:


1. An essential tactic is to decarbonize the energy supply and improve efficiency. The adoption of advanced technology and better insulation practices can reduce the demand for energy. This approach entails the use of more efficient equipment and enhanced building insulation, leading to significant energy savings.

2. Efficient Energy Management: An energy management system improves energy efficiency by promoting transparency and identifying inefficiencies. Such a system can help identify inefficiencies by providing transparency. This transparency, in turn, leads to actual energy savings, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions and support climate preservation efforts.

It`s a real-time dashboard (interactive) about electricity flows from Green Farm

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