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Data center construction, Industrial Facility

Task: 3D Physical architectural modeling, As-Build model development for digital twin, data automation and energy analysis. Object: 2-floor building with a total area of 35,000 sq.m with technical rooms.

Implementation: Processing of design documentation and laser scanning data to compare the overall project coordinates with as-build results and deviations on the construction side.
Technologies: Leica Laser scanner, 3D BIM/Autodesk Revit, Navisworks.
IT tools: .NET Framework, WPF, Entity Framework, Revit API, third-party libraries for working with Excel


Attributes Database/ Attribute Filling
Reading and storing project data, its models about the attributes of the elements, and their values. The data is grouped by the element category ID and then by a special key. The attributes of a particular category are then filled based on this key. The data can be uploaded to Excel, filled there, then uploaded to the application database and written to the Revit model. Automatic attribute value setting for elements based on various rules and calculations
🏢 Digital model of the building to match the point cloud of the constructed object to an accuracy of 10 mm (as-build model with characteristics from suppliers).
🏗 Re-issued design documentation according to corrections.
♻ 📊 Building energy performance and costs per square meter analysis.

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