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Investigating the energy capabilities of an old building is a logical step towards retrofitting.

Buildings are complex physical objects. They interact with their immediate environment, trying to provide residents with comfortable living and working conditions. The behaviour and performance of a building is influenced by the set of building materials used and the building envelope (walls, windows, roof) and various systems (lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, etc.).

Building energy modelling is a powerful method for exploring the user and performance characteristics of buildings, evaluating architectural design solutions, and selecting building materials, engineering systems, and methods for renovating an existing building.

Building energy modelling plays an increasingly important role in the operation, diagnosis and evaluation of buildings. This can help designers compare different design options and lead them to create cost-effective and energy efficient designs. Simulation, a quick online tool, can help facility managers and engineers identify energy savings potential under different operating scenarios, evaluate the energy performance and cost-effectiveness of energy conservation measures.

PMTech IT. Smart Building technology has fully automated the process of energy performance assessment. The math core of the BIMproEnergy model is based on the international standard ISO 52016 - “Energy efficiency of buildings - energy requirements for heating and cooling, indoor temperature, sensitive and latent heat loads.”

Here are some of the benefits of retrofitting an old building:

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Improved comfort

  • Increased property value

The BIMproEnergy simulator is based on the powerful BLAST and DOE-2 platforms, it contains a number of innovative features including time step scaling, customizable modular HVAC systems, application of physics models for renewable energy sources, etc. However, the main innovation is the interface system, data processing and output of results using AI, which significantly simplifies the user’s work with the simulator.

BIMproEnergy simulator can help simplify the process, identify areas for improvement, prioritize retrofit measures.

Explore the energy capabilities of your building today and take a step towards a more sustainable future

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