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Eco-friendly ICT & Digital Transformation Solution. Energy Twin

Our environmental specialists and ICT/BIM engineers come from a multidisciplinary field of digital transformation, digital twins and BIM design, terrestrial ecology, freshwater ecology, land use, air quality, social impact, AI information system and numerical modelling specialists.

We work with: 

📌 Energy Audit

📌 Sustainability integrations

📌 Smart Buildings 

📌 Transparent energy monitoring and reporting

📌 Optimize building operation and reduce operating costs

The primary goal is to reduce the energy consumption of HVAC/MEP systems, buildings or entire properties to a minimum. Therefore, the first priority is always the energy analysis. This requires sufficient transparency about energy use in the building. We aim to create this transparency as simply as possible, without having to have the know-how for a complicated and elaborate energy management system.

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